Best non-surgical treatment for wrinkles

InMode has spread so quickly in Seoul through word of mouth. Now InMode treatment is ranked number one as most searched non-invasive facial treatment in the app “Yeoshin Ticket” which means “beauty ticket”. InMode has become really popular in the last 2 years so I decided to try it out myself too! The machine is from InMode company.

There were lots of positive reviews as how effective this treatment was and also how cost-efficient it was, so I went in for a consultation. 

First Step is Mini FX

Mini FX is a procedure that uses negative pressure to suck in an area with a lot of fat, and then removes fat cells using high-voltage hi-frequency waves. This is done using a probe and the probe sucks the skin and zaps (destroy) the fat cell making it disappear. It’s particularly effective for areas with a lot of sagging so it would be effective in places like double chin, marionette line and other parts of body where you want to lose some fat. It’s a good way to regain your hidden slim facial and body lines. So I got it on my chin although and the procedure took about 15 minutes without any numbing cream. Was it painful? Well, I asked the doctor to use Mini FX on the highest level to maximise the benefit and it did kind of hurt when it was zapping. Overall, it was doable considering it’s cost-effective and non-invasive. After the treatment, you’ll notice what may look like a red line of rash. This is probably because I got it on the highest level and the doctor said all that will go away within 2-3 days. 

Second Step is Forma

This is typically used after Mini FX although it can be used individually. Forma is another probe that irritates using high-frequency on the dermis layer to increase the temperature on the surface of the skin. The heat promotes collagen and skin elasticity which gives a tightening effect. It also has the effect of brightening the face by helping blood circulation and lymph circulation.

Who Should Get InMode

To maximise result, they recommend to get treatment once a week for a period of 6 weeks. InMode works best for those who want to lose fat in certain part of the facial or body in a non-invasive way. You’ll see maximum benefit in places like chin especially if you are slim but have fat in certain part of body due to genetics. In some cases, exercises and healthy diet isn’t enough since your body is mostly made up of water and it’s impossible to lose fat certain part of body. In that case, InMode will do an excellent job. But you have to remember that this is a non-invasive treatment so your goal should be realistic meaning you shouldn’t compare with liposuction since that would be a surgery under general anesthesia. For more detail, you can contact Shin Medical for how to find the best clinic that can treat you with InMode.