Compression garments after liposuction

Have you recently started researching for a big procedure you’re interested in having done? You’ve read up on what is going to happen before and during, but let’s talk about the after. Recovery is vital to your procedure as we’ve discussed in a previous blog post. One item in particular that tends to get more questions is compression garments.

What is a compression garment?

Compression garments, different from shapewear, are medical grade garments that apply constant and consistent pressure to the target area. These garments are made specifically to support and aid in the healing process.

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Are there different types of compression garments?

There are many different types of compression garments for different types of procedures. You will find bras for breast augmentations, reductions, and lifts. Girdles and bodysuits are made for tummy tucks, liposuction, and Brazilian buttlifts. There are also targeted garments for procedures like arm lipo and lifts.

How long should I wear my compression garment?

How long you will wear your garment will depend on the procedure you had done and your surgeon’s instructions. Generally speaking, you will wear a compression garment for at least 4-6 weeks. It is often suggested to wear a compression bra for 1-3 weeks for a breast augmentation. But for a tummy tuck, you may be requested to wear a compression girdle for 6-8 weeks.

They are to be worn at all times of the day including sleep. You will remove the garment only to shower. You may begin your recovery in a more firm garment that has a firmer hold and switch to a lighter version later in your recovery process. It may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but it will get easier over time.

Why should I wear a compression garment?

Compression garments are worn for a variety of reasons. The garments hold the layers of skin together and keep your new body from moving around so they may heal properly. Here are some of the benefits of wearing a compression garment:

  • Reduced swelling
  • Holds new contours in place (some patients may experience bumps or ripples after a procedure, compression garments help prevent this)
  • Aids in the healing process as your skin readjusts
  • Prevent build of fluid called Seromas (These can cause infections and other complications)
  • Promotes circulation
  • Offers much needed support

Are compression garments comfortable?

It is hard to define comfort, especially after having a major procedure done. I would say that getting used to sleeping in one of these garments may take a couple of nights. BUT, be sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions and wear the garment as long as required. The compression garments will ensure that you get the best results possible from your procedure. As the girls in my support groups always say, “Trust the process!”

There you have it; a quick rundown on compression garments that you may need for your upcoming procedure. If you have more questions, or would like a free consultation on a procedure, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can find us on Instagram at @ShinMedical or email us at