Hair transplantation – What is it? And, which one is best for me.

What is hair transplantation?

Misconceptions regarding hair transplantation are very common when people first start doing research about HT. Most of the time we want to know: how they are done and how effective they are. Therefore, it is very important for anybody looking to get a hair transplant to know what it is exactly that they will be undertaking. And so, a hair transplant, simply put, is just the transplanting of hair from one area of the head to another area.

Hair transplantation is done by removing hair from hair dense areas, almost always around the back of the scalp, and then re-implanting them in the desired area. Most people lose their hair in a classic M shape or start to bald from the crown of the head. In more severe cases and as time goes on the top of the head may lose its hair completely.

Balding – Why it happens?

Firstly, hair loss and baldness happen for a variety of reasons such as stress, genetics, environmental factors, age and loss of sleep. It used to be very difficult to prevent balding, but with modern technology there is now a way that you can retain a full head of hair well in to your 80’s.

Hair loss causes a whole host of added problems such as anxiety, loss of confidence, low self-esteem etc. And this is way so many people are choosing to get hair transplantation done. Most transplant patients report a significant increase in quality of life and overall happiness.

What procedures are available?

There are two main options to choose from when getting a hair transplant; FUE (Follicular unit extraction) and FUT (Follicular unit transplantation/strip). Both methods vary in the way the hair is harvested but they are almost the same in the way that the hair is implanted so we will look at the differences.

The FUE method is done by harvesting follicular units (the name for 1-4 groupings of hair in a follicle) individually. By using a 1mm incision instrument units are individually extracted from the back of the head leaving a tiny scar. The surgeon has to do this one at a time so it can take a while for the procedure to be completed.

The FUT method by contrast involves a long, thin strip of hair from the back of the head being removed. The scar (called the linear scar) is then sutured closed by the surgeon. The follicular units are then separated into individual parts under a microscope in order to be transplanted to the recipient area of the head.

Which one best for me

When deciding which procedure is best for you, first you should look at the pros and cons of each procedure. One of the biggest differences is the presence of a linear scar with the FUT method. Whereas the FUE requires no sutures, meaning scarring is barely detectable. Some users have reported slightly more post op discomfort with the FUT method. This is due to the incision at the back of the head.

On the plus side, the FUT method allows for more grafts to be done in one day. Whereas the FUE is a more time consuming process. The graft survival (the amount of transplanted hairs that regrow successfully) with FUT is also slightly higher than with FUE.

How do I choose?

When choosing which procedure would suit you best, these are some questions that you can ask yourself. “Do I like to wear my hair very short in the back (like a fade)?” If the answer is yes, then the FUE is more ideal because there is no visible scar. “Do I just want to fill in my hair line or am I very bald?” If you have a severe lack of hair then he FUT would be a better option as the doctor can transplant more hair at a higher success rate.

When deciding to do a hair transplant done feel intimidated or overwhelmed, the doctor will be with you every step of the way giving you advice on the right treatment for you based on your desired results.

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