Thermage VS Oligio

Thermage and Oligio are a popular device for tightening your skin. They are known as the most effective device on the market today. They both aim to tighten your face so you can look younger. 

Oligo is translates as “lifting up” in Korean. A lifting device with high-frequency will tighten your skin. Your skin will face a strong heat, and damaged to create a new layer of collagen and tighten up. The Oligio is an equipment from Korean company which has the same mechanism of another equipment from a company called Thermage. So here are more detailed informations about Oligio.

Oligio Effect

Once your skin face the strong heat, the heat will be transferred deeply inside your skin, so you will see the tightening effect immediately after the treatment. Over next couple of months, your skin will be filled up by new layer of regenerated collagen, and the skin elasticity will be restored which improves the skin texture to help wrinkles to fade. The best effect will come out about a year.

Other than skin elasticity, this treatment reduces skin pores and fine lines as well. You will see the difference after the treatment, but doctors might recommend couple of sessions more or other treatments combined to get the best result.

1) Intelligent Cooling System

With Oligio device, we can use cooling gas as high-frequency energy which is called Intelligent Cooling System. The device can activate 4 times of cooling system every shot. This cooling gas will protect your skin during treatment by controlling the tempreture, reduce side effects like skinburns.

2) Lifting Temperature Sensor

In this Oligio device, tip is very important, every procedure has to be done with new tip. So you have to make sure that clinic don’t reuse the tips for the patients. There is a temperature sensor on the tip which makes the device stop automatically when our skin gets too much heat to protect the skin. And this temperature sensor is one of the most important reasons we get Oligio treatment fore making sure we get the treatment safely due to the sensor.

3) Procedure Time

Oligio device can be shoot with small gaps between every shot. It shortens the treatment time which helps operator not losing the concentration, also patients facing the least duration time of pain.

4) Cost

Oligio treatment is usually half price of the Thermage treatment. Also Thermage has immense amount of cases and data, proven its value effectiveness while Oligio is newer, domestic company with shorter history in the market. However, it is getting popular and proven itself from large amount of patients in Korea, word of mouth.

5) Other Advantages

The most famous advantage of Oligio is that patients are going through the minimum pain. Also, combination with other procedures like Ulcera or Thermage, you will get the best result on collagen boosting effect.

I would say this is a good alternative to Thermage because it’s new and cheaper but it’s just as good as Thermage. You can contact Shinmedical for more info regarding Oligio as they offer free consultation.