Travel to Korea without Quarantine

It has been more than two years since the whole world is facing terrible pandemic. However, South Korea is more than ready to open up the border for tourists. From April 1st, we cancelled all the quarantine from 2 weeks to 7days to now skipping entirely. Even skipping PCR test from September 2022. I had a friend who came to Korea from Canada. He had to quarantine for 14 days in Korea and then another week back in Canada. Things are getting much more easier going forward compare to back in the days.

Who can skip the quarantine?

Basically everyone currently. It used to be only for fully vaccinated travellers which means third vaccine shot which expires after 180 days, but not even booster shot needed by now.

What should I do?

So there is a very cool Q-code system Korean government created for overseas tourists. You just need to receive a QR code through the Q-Code system. And just scan the QR code at immigration. You might need to fill in your personal informations like passport number, departure city, your flight information etc. QR code can be retained from

You can follow the guideline of Q-Code (Quarantine Covid19 Defence) System prior to departing so you donโ€™t have to rush things at the airport on arrival. 

Upon arrival, passengers may also face “temperature screening, health questionnaires, quarantine and COVID-test informations depending on the departure country, visa status, and nationality” upon arrival. 

You can check the recent policies at the website below.

Upon arrival In Korea

As of May 31st, 2022, you will need to wear a mask in indoor, but not outdoors anymore. Therefore, it is still against the law if you take the mask off at some places like the subway or bus. Scanning QR code in malls, restaurants and other facilities to provide visit informations is no longer necessary as the government lifted that a while ago.

During travel

So you don’t have to worry about keeping your mask on. But still, you will see most of Koreans wear masks as Omicron is highly contagious. In addition, the presidential election day was just two months ago. There is still the possibility related government rules could change. But it is true that we came to the next phase, people believe that cases will gradually decrease. So if you plan to come to Korea for cosmetic surgery, it would be a good time to make your reservation, as itโ€™s getting very busy.