Paying a Deposit for Plastic Surgery, Seoul Korea

Should I pay a deposit?

Some overseas patients might be apprehensive about parting with their money and paying a deposit in advance. Sometimes it feels more risky to send money to a company in another country. In some cases these fears are justified, but when it comes to paying a deposit to secure your plastic surgery procedure, it makes complete sense to pay a deposit. Here are six reasons why paying a deposit for your plastic surgery is a smart move.


Best price

The first, and arguably the most important reason, why you should pay a deposit for your procedure is to lock in the price that you have negotiated. In most peopleโ€™s cases the time it takes from booking a procedure to coming to Korea takes anywhere between one to six months. This is a pretty long time and the chances of prices increasing in that time is pretty likely. Plastic surgery costs are not static and clinics adjust their prices according to season, volume and industry. For this reason it is very important to pay a deposit in order to secure the price you have been offered as soon as you can. You can always request a refund if you change your mind. Oftentimes patients will get a good price and then go to book it a month later, only to find it has increased.

Confirmed procedure times

Plastic surgery is very popular in Korea. Not just among Koreans but also among foreigners coming to Seoul to have their surgery done. This means that good, reputable clinics are often booked out weeks or even months in advance. If you are looking to get surgery done with an experienced Doctor it is definitely recommended to pay your deposit in advance in order to avoid disappointment. On average people come to Korea for around two to three weeks for their procedure. In some cases people think they can just book when they get here, only to find the clinic is booked out a month in advance once they arrive in Korea. People seem to forget that good doctors are popular and that surgeries and consultations take up a lot of time. Most doctors can only do one or two surgeries per day.

Extra travel assistance

Another good reason to pay a deposit is to ensure your clinic or agency stay engaged with you. This can be very helpful as their information and services are invaluable in helping you to prepare for Korea. Usually agency services include hotel arrangements which means they will help you find good hotels, in convenient locations, at prices that match your budget. Services also include visa assistance, this is great for countries without visa free travel. Agencies will help you get a travel visa for your procedure. 

Specials and promotions

Paying a deposit is also a great way to secure discounts for your procedure. Most clinics will offer sizable discounts to patients who pay their deposits early. This is a great way to knock 10%, 15% or even 20% off of your surgery cost. As mentioned, you can always request a refund if you decide not to come. 

Extra services

Added benefits of paying a deposit also includes the complimentary services that you get. When paying a deposit you can expect airport pick up and drop off, translators, free hotel days and even spa treatments in some cases. These are no-brainers. Why wouldnโ€™t you pay a fully refundable deposit and get a free spa treatment with it. 

Easy refunds

Korea is famous for its safety standards and honest customer service. If a company has a clear refund policy (usually these are very favourable to the patient) and you request your money to be refunded, the clinic/agency will do it, no questions asked. Usually Korea is very good about refunds, and pretty quick. 

Due diligence

Always remember to do your due diligence on each agency and clinic. Check their reviews and social media. And make sure to read their deposit and refund policies. If you do your homework you are guaranteed to have a positive experience.